What’s the Trendy Maharashtrian Jewellery of 2020?

When it comes to buying jewelry, Indian women beat everyone else in this world. Indians value gold beyond measure. Gold holds a sacred place in Indian culture. The best thing about Indian obsession with gold jewelry is that the Indian market offers a wide variety of jewelry items for anyone, satisfying all their needs. Each state has its specific jewelry types that are popular with the locals. Maharashtra is one of those states where gold jewelry is unique in the design as compared to other regions. Maharashtrian jewelry is the epitome of simplicity, elegance, and beauty. Maharashtrian jewelry is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. If you are looking to get something Maharashtrian this year, we can show you what you should get. 

Best Maharashtrian Jewelry Types

#1 – Nath

Without ‘Nath’ Marathi weddings are incomplete, and jewelry collections are bland. Nath is a central part of Marathi jewelry culture. This item is usually worn by women on auspicious occasions like wedding ceremonies or festivities. A Nath has pearls around it, and a stone of color pink or white in the center. Nath is simply an ornament that is worn on the nose, however, don’t think of it as just another nose pin worn by Indian women from other regions. There’s a popular type of Nath – Brahmani Nath, for its design – Basra pearls and emerald stone. It’s a 22-Carat Nath known for its rare pearl surrounding design. Rubies and green emerald enhance the look of it. They are popular since the ancient times of Peshwa rulers. 

#2 – Tode/Todwe

Tode are a popular type of gold bangles that are 23-Carat in quality. These are handmade bangles interlinked without soldering. These bangles are in high demand during the wedding season, thus taking almost a month to get made. 

#3 – Mala

Mohan Mala is an important Maharashtrian jewelry item. It is simple yet elegant inappearance. In this jewelry, gold beads are stringed in usually three layers. It’s a necklace that comes with gold beads with a beautiful pendant in the middle. The pendant in the middle symbolizes the sun. There are various designs, but most have more than a single layer of gold beads. Many Mohan Malas have cutwork designs on the strings that give a rich and royal look to the bride.

#4 – Ambala Veni Phool

When Indian women decide to decorate their looks with beautiful gold jewelry, how will they leave their hair? Thus they have an ornament for hair that gives a touch-up to their look – Ambada Veni Phool. Ambala Veni Phool is a jewelry item that’s worn on the hair bun of women. A variety in the design exists, but the most common one is the sunflower that has beads of Jowar. The popular gemstone attached to this ornament is ruby as it gives a rich look to it. Recently, non-Marathi people have started to take an interest in it, and the brides are flaunting royal looks with this Ambada Veni Phool, making it one of the most famous Maharashtrian jewelry of the year.

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