What are the Types of Modular Sockets You can find in the Markets

The electrical switches and sockets are the most important part of our house. Without the switches and sockets, we will not turn ON or OFF the electrical devices at our will. Well, the sockets provide a lot of functionality that you might thing. The power sockets are present in all of the houses. People don’t care much about the switches, but they care about the sockets for connecting the devices. Ask any smartphone user who has no power socket on his bedside about the modular sockets’ importance, and he will tell you so. 

The modular sockets are similar to the normal power outlets, but they serve a lot more utility. The modular sockets are getting popular amongst the people due to the sleek, stylish design and usability. If you are not sure what are Modular sockets and their types, then you are at the right place. In this post, we will share the detailed information on the types of modular sockets that you can find in the market with ease. 

Types of Modular Sockets 

There are a ton of different versions of the modular sockets. In this section, we are only listing those who are quite popular in the market and are useful in most of the houses. 

#1 – USB Modular Sockets 

The USB connection is very important in today’s age. Without the USB, we cannot charge the compatible devices and also cannot transfer the data. However, we will not use the USB modular sockets for data transfer, but the data transfer. The USB modular sockets are the sockets, which do have the normal three-pin, two-pin, and the USB female header attached. The USB female header allows the users to attach the compatible cables and the devices to the same. Most of the times, we find people using the USB socket for charging smartphones with ease. 

#2 – RJ11 Modular Sockets 

The RJ11 is the port for ethernet connections. Back in the days, internet service providers would hang a special port on the internet connectivity wall. That was the same RJ11 port that we find in these modular switches. For fulfilling the internet connectivity needs and maintaining the clean look of the house, we do have the RJ11 modular sockets. These sockets come with the RJ11 female plug, which is internally connected with the ISP’s ethernet cable. This is one of the most important additions that will help any house become a smart house with ease. 

#3 – Cable TV Modular sockets 

The Cable and DTH work on the Coax cable.  The DTH or the satellite dish is quite convenient for cable management, but you can get a clean look with the TV modular socket. Instead of the coax cables hanging in your house, you can install the cable TV modular socket with ease. The DTH or Cable TV connection will be routed internally along with your electricity cables. The user can then start using the TV modular socket to connect the Set-top Box and start watching the Television without any issues. We’ve seen such TV modular sockets in almost every house. 

The modular sockets are being adopted in every corner of the world. Although there are hundreds of useful modular socket types, we’ve listed only those currently in trend and loved by millions of users. I hope you’ve learned everything about the types of Modular sockets that you can find in the markets. 

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