What are the Different Types of Industrial Connectors?

Have ever seen the big companies laying the fiber or electricity cables underground? Most of the people living in the big cities have spotted the companies laying the cables. But have you ever cared and stopped to watch the operations? If yes, then you might have spotted the cable connectors, which are used to connect the two ends of the cable. But, the ones used by big companies are different. We always spot the cable connectors used by small companies like Internet service providers and cable TV providers. But, they are of different types, and the industrial connectors are of various kinds.

So, it’s essential to get to know about the different types of industrial connectors. If you are an engineer, then you should at least have all the information about the same. In this post, we are going to share detailed information about the types of Industrial cable connectors that you should know.

Types of Industrial Cable Connectors

#1 – Circular Connectors

The industrial-grade circular connectors are always used in industrial applications. Be it the power supply cable or the extension cables; the Circular connectors are used to connect the two ends of wires. They are quite common in Electric wires and also data transfer cables. You might have seen the circular connectors mostly in the data transfer cables, like the Fiber connections and the Telecommunication cables that the companies lay in the ground.

#2 – Mil-Spec Connectors

The Mil-Spec connectors are very special. They are only available on the military for the defence network setup. The private companies who have got the project of defence system setup can access the Mil-spec connectors. Such connectors are available in different sizes, and shapes for the militaries. They are not available for the industries for the use.

#3 – RJ connectors

The RJ or the Registered Jack connectors are useful in connecting the ethernet equipment. Be it the server-side connection or the user-end router connection, the different versions of RJ connectors are used. The most common is the RJ11 and RJ45 network connectors. The RJ11 is a user-end connector, and the RJ45 or higher is used on the server-side or the network side. These two are the essential connectors for internet connections.

#4 – SFF Connectors

The SFF Connectors are just the circular and RJ connectors, which have the “Small Form Factor”. The SFF connectors are widely used in many places, be it the public or private. These types of connectors are popular amongst the power distribution and the telecommunication industry. The Small Form Factor connectors are useful in saving the space, which is essential in the compact locations where space is available in constraint.

#5 – Coax Connectors

The Coax connectors are useful for connecting the Cable TV and Cable Broadband networks. The Coax connectors are one of the most used types of cable connectors. As the Coax cables do have the special insulation to prevent the data loss, the coax connectors remove the padding and only expose the copper wire to connect to the hub, or the switch to distribute the data. These connectors are commonly used in different conditions, both the provider and user-end

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