Types of Outbound Training Activities for Employees

Outbound training activities are those extracurricular activities that are integrated in order to foster a sense of co-existence among the employees and also to motivate them to perform better. These activities are well thought out by team planners to groom these corporate professionals so that they can sustain in this high-tech atmosphere and maintain corporate culture.

Outbound training activities for employees begin with a team outing to the fun-filled area, where they will be surrounded by games that will keep them engaged for the entire day. From balloon fighting to lemon race, employees will be able to revisit their childhood with these games. The list of activities present in these training regime will not only help them communicate better but will also help them develop new skills of which they weren’t aware of.

List of activities in outbound training activities for employees

Tent pitching –

In this game, individuals have to pitch their tent in which they are supposed to reside together as a team. Setting up a tent requires help from all their partners and a collaborative effort. A tricky twist to this game in the outbound training activities for employees will be when each of the members is asked to set up their tent by tying a piece of cloth over their eyes.

Painting –

Painting in team activity is a significant addition. A topic that involves the act of group painting is likely to invite several perspectives from the participants. These activities are meant to enhance the creativity of employees and provide them with a scope to socialize.

Blindfold communication –

This game is played in pairs. Here one of the members in this pair will be blindfolded with a piece of cloth. In the next step would be the partner has to direct their blinded partner to successfully overcome the hurdles and mines and reach the spot without stepping on them.

Picture guess –

This is one of the most fun corporate games and is widely loved by all participants. Here one member of the team has to make their first move and draw anything on the board that is closely related to the object that he is asked to draw. Seeing that hint drawn on board, other members of the team have to guess the actual object.

Tug of war –

This is a fun game, where employees will be divided into two groups and will be provided with a rope. Captain of each team will decide which player will be placed after whom. After determining the arrangement, each team has to hold one end of the rope and pull the other team to their side by exerting their entire strength. Once the team is able to pull the other team inside their court, the former is declared as the winner.

Outbound training activities for employees are preferred by almost every organisation because it entails healthy relationships among employees. They also stand essential as they plan an intricate role in inculcating skills like communication, problem-solving and coordination, time management, and so on. Developing these skills among the employees will act as a virtue in bringing constructive development in the advancement of the company.


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