Tata Salt confirms that it is ‘Safe and Harmless’; Allegations Fake

India’s most reputed common salt brand Tata Salt was in the news recently after a US-based lab shared a report showing presence of ferrocyanide in several brands of Indian salts. This resulted in the fake news being spread all across the internet causing significant panic among a large number of Indian consumers.

The allegation was that several branded salts in India, including Tata Salt, contained cyanide and thus terming the salts to be ‘poisonous’. This misinformation or fake news largely impacted the consumers by creating a public health scare.

However, the allegations were debunked promptly and Tata Salt has assured the consumers that its salt is safe and harmless. They further clarified that the level permitted by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is 10 mg/kg and ferrocyanide is safe for consumption below the approved limits.

After such allegation, the FSSAI got into action and clarified that ferrocyanide is used as an anti-caking agent in the processing of salt and are not harmful. Their reports showcased that ferrocyanide concentration in TATA Salt is within the specified limits. Surprisingly enough, the potassium ferrocyanide level found is way below FSSAI’s upper limit of 10 mg/kg.

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Moreover, the European Food Safety Authority Panel on July 2018 published a report on a re-evaluation of ferrocyanide as a food additive. Their verified report stated that ferrocyanides are not harmful at all at the current authorised level. Thus, the veracity of the news was confirmed at both national and international levels.

Speaking about the allegation, American West Analytical Laboratories has declined the reports circulating on the internet about Indian table salt and confirmed that those alleged reports do not correspond with their findings. With all these facts and proven scientific research, one can be confident that this well-known company manufactures completely safe table salt that can be used for daily consumption for both adults and children.

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