India’s only Integrated Greenfield Smart City

Acclaimed as India’s first Greenfield smart city, Atal Nagar is being designed as an epitome of nothing but excellence. It promotes Quality of Life by implementing a premium living standard.

Starting from infrastructure, commercial utility, and multifarious social projects – this is indeed a revolution in the history of smart city India project.

Today as the megacities struggle to sustain their setup in the face of climate change, economic upheaval, and what not, Atal Nagar emerges as the future of our country. Being one of the first ever integrated cities of India, this place has been structured with lessons learned from the existing cities’ mistakes.

A green future – smart cities in India

Most Indian cities have gone for deforestation to make space of living for their people and also carving our spaces that are for commercial purposes. However, with Atal Nagar, the scene is a bit different.

  1. This city has opted for afforestation! 27% of the land has been marked for tree plantation projects only.
  2. The roads, as well as lanes, are designed in accordance with this plan. This greenfield smart city has enough areas that would support non-motorized transport system. This is to ensure that the people living here will get to breathe clean, fresh air which most cities today lack.
  3. These green spaces will filter air pollutants and provide lower temperatures, plenty of shade, and enhance the air quality. Moreover, the city is so planned that people will get to exercise in boulevards like the Ekatm Path.
  4. Purkhauti Muktangan is another cultural village space which will portray India’s enriching cultural heritage.

[Note: This smart city India project also constitutes Asia’s largest human-made jungle safari which was recently inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi.]

Atal Nagar is currently being developed as India’s sustainable green city comprising some of the largest eco-development projects.

  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Solar energy
  • Internet connectivity
  • LED lamps for roads
  • Garbage cans distributed at a length of 500m each
  • Waste management system

With all these facilities, the Government of India is planning to curate a smart city that will be known as the green space in the future.

Smart and Sustaining

Smart services of Atal Nagar include governance as well as digital citizen services. The city is all set to emerge as a vibrant place that will incentivise economic growth and enable local development coupled with integrated technology.

It has added connectivity as well as intelligence with prevailing infrastructure. Its state-of-the-art setup comprises of electricity, roads, drainage, telecommunications, disposal of wastes, and last but not the least, smart technologies for controlling city operations.

A smart city system enabled by ICT is going to help Atal Nagar in –

  1. Innovative technologies for enhancing city operations
  2. GIS Mapping and IT infra
  • City surveillance to ensure the security of city residents
  1. Implementing an effective service delivery system
  2. Centralised control centre
  3. Intelligent transport system

These are all included within the greenfield smart city project.

Starting from Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA), video crime monitoring to disaster management control, Atal Nagar is implementing an effective structure all over the city.  This smart city is growing and that too fat only to carve a synchronised sustainable living standard.

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