How to Choose the Best Nightwear for a Good Night’s Sleep

Gone are the days when women were forced to wear the one-size-fits-all night gowns. Nightwear for women has now evolved over the years and now offers so much variety that you can have an entire nightwear collection in your wardrobe. Night dress for women is not just about feeling comfortable and relaxed in what you wear; it is also about feeling good about yourself. 

Only when you wear a nightdress that makes you happy will you get that goodnight’s sleep with sweet dreams. So whether you choose track pants, lounge pants, night suit, shorts or even a babydoll dress, make sure it goes with your likes. 

For your every like and preference, Mystere Paris has a wide range of nightwear sets. Here is a quick guide on how to choose nightwear online.

Check the Fabric:

Nothing speaks comfort and softness like cotton night dresses. Since you need to let your skin breathe, cotton works in favour of it and is airy too. 

You can also opt for other fabrics like satin, polyester or synthetic cloth if you feel comfortable. 

Climatic Considerations:

According to the weather you live in, you’ll want to buy a night suit set. Say, if it is hot and humid, stick to breathable cotton shorts or knee-length capris with loose t-shirts. 

But if it is cold, you’ll want to opt for long nighties or full-length pyjamas. 

Avoid Detailing and Fancy Intricacies:

The simple your nightdress is, the better. Any sort of embellishments like fringes, sequins and other prickly things can harm your body as you toss and turn at night. 

Choose the Perfect Silhouette:

Tight nightwear sets are a complete no-no! 

When it comes to night suits, always opt for loose, baggy pyjamas that allow your skin to breathe. If it sticks to your body, it might lead to chaffing of skin and leave you irritated. Hence, ensure that the silhouette of your pyjamas falls straight. 

Types of Nightwear: 


These loose gowns are preferred by al women. They are mostly made from cotton, satin or nylon too. 

Pyjama Sets

A favourite go-to, pyjama sets are a classic. They are trendy, functional and also fun! They are made from soft and smooth fabrics like cotton, silk or satin. 

Shorts and a T-shirt

Similar to pyjama sets, they are the best for humid weather. They leave no question for comfortable sleep. 


They are a sensual but comfortable nightwear option. Generally, translucent and made of sheer materials like net or lace. 

Sleeping tees

A favourite of the girls, whether it is a print night or a basic solid colour tee, these are super comfortable and loose-fitting. 

Now that you know how to shop for night suits online, you are set to go ahead. Don’t forget to check out Mystere Paris’s nightwear collection. They have a wide range of nightdress, short sets, night suits and other loungewear.

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