Here’s a List of the Best Air Cooler Brands in India for 2019

Summers in India are rough in most parts of the country. It can even go over 45 degrees Celsius depending on the place. Thus, air coolers are becoming a cost-effective way to get respite from exhausting heat. With temperatures rising, a cooler today has become a necessity. Check out some brands of the cooler that have given outstanding performance.

Top evaporative cooler brands in India:

Following are the best air cooling brands in India.

  1. Symphony

It is one of the most popular brands in India. Symphony air coolers like the cloud cooler is the first of its type in India. It is a wall mounted cooler which can cool a room down within minutes through its high intelligence and effective cooling. It can be connected to an overhead tank for continuous water supply. It also comes with a unique device called magic fill for filling water automatically from a bucket. These arrangements make sure that it won’t be running out of the water and also provides long hours of cooling.

Symphony coolers are known for innovations. They have the widest range of coolers to choose from that are suitable for all kind of cooling needs. These coolers are equipped with features like – digital touchscreen, mosquito repellent, voice assist, air purification filters, remote control, etc. Symphony models are designed to minimise sound. It can ensure that sleep is not disturbed in any way. Instead, it accounts for a much more comfortable nap.

  1. Cello

Cello is a brand in India which boasts of its cooler’s power consumption efficiency. For example, Cello Arctic, one of the best air coolers, is a 50-litre air cooler which uses comparatively less power to ensure adequate cooling even in summer’s high temperatures. It works quite well to help the body cool and bring down its temperature. It consumes less energy compared to the other cooler models.

  1. Bajaj

Bajaj is another company which produces quality air coolers in India. Most of Bajaj cooler models such as Bajaj Platini PX97 Room Cooler are portable, durable and compact. Thesetypes of cooler can be kept in a bedroom or an office for effective cooling. It is made up of engineered thermoplastic material which is free of corrosion.

The castor wheel in most of Bajaj coolers provides smooth mobility. Its motors are designed in a way to generate less noise. They also offer ample storage capacities for better energy consumption rates.

  1. Kenstar

Kenstar cooler models generally have an attractive outer look made up of ABS plastic. It helps in keeping the room fresh and pleasant consistently and effectively. Kelvinator provides cooler models which are rust free and are made of long-lasting materials for enhancement and maintenance.

Some of these coolers use a mosquito net to prevent mosquitoes from entering the water tank. The air cooler can be easily cleaned and maintained. Not only that, but these also work with an inverter.

The brands mentioned above are some of the best brands in India which produce premium quality air coolers. Extreme temperatures can cause harm in more than one way. Like, an individual can suffer from dehydration. A cooler thus comes to the rescue. Before buying one, it is recommended to compare the features and choose the one which goes with your needs.


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