Everything about B.Arch. & How to Choose the Best College for It!

In India, Architecture has always been one of the most coveted courses in the undergraduate programme. The degree of Bachelor of Architecture is a course which is designed to satisfy the requirements needed to practice architecture.

While the undergraduate programme in architecture is offered in various colleges, there are only a handful of top B. Arch. Colleges in Maharashtra. So if you are hoping to pursue the degree of architecture, it is best to know all about what it takes to get into the best architecture college in Maharashtra.

What does the B.Arch. course entail?

The undergraduate B.Arch. programme is a five year long programme with ten semesters. The course is approved under the Council of Architecture in New Delhi, which is a statutory body regulating architectural education, under the Government of India.

The architectural course has three principal objectives. Namely:

  • To impart to students a deeper understanding of building up and deconstructing human habitat with respect to the different political, environmental and socio-economic factors that influence it.
  • To develop crucial skills like communication and presentation to cater to the complexity demanded by the profession.
  • To instil ideas of principles and design values to help conceptualize any architectural project.

What does the B.Arch. coursework include?

The coursework for B.Arch. has both theory and practical classes. The ten-semester long course is divided into two distinct parts, namely, the basic and advance courses.

Architecture is a Meta discipline and cannot be entirely confined within empirical knowledge. That is why topics taught within architecture can be classified into three broad categories –

  • Topics which help to boost creativity. For instance, courses like visual arts and workshop, learning architectural designs fall under this category.
  • The second category deals with topics that help to transform ideas of design into reality. This category covers areas like using proper building material, learning correct ways of construction and using appropriate technology to make designs work.
  • Topics under third category include raising social and environmental consciousness regarding architecture. This category includes topics like sustainability, climatology, history of architecture etc.

Along with these three principal categories, B.Arch. course also includes elective courses like documentation, critical appreciation, photography etc.

In the 8th and 9th semester of this programme, students also need to undergo professional training from any practicing architects’ office.

Thus everything mentioned above is integrated to create the curriculum for B.Arch.

Things to look for while choosing a B.Arch. college:

To choose one of the top B.Arch. colleges, it is important to look for following attributes:

  • A good faculty comprising of experience teachers and professionals.
  • A modern infrastructure well equipped with all the required facilities.
  • An educational programme that helps students to develop a creative attitude.
  • A programme which not only helps students to develop their skills in the field of architecture but also allow them the freedom to nurture their thinking process, which is a prerequisite in the field of architecture.
  • Also, if you are a woman looking to pursue architecture, provides you a safe and enriching environment.

Any college which fulfils above prerequisites is an excellent choice to pursue your bachelors’ degree from!

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