Comforter Vs Dohar

If you’re shopping for bedding essentials, you’ll come across various names such as quilts, bed comforter, duvets, dohar, doonas, and so on. Before you get any more perplexed, we have a great guide to help you choose what’s the best choice for you. 

According to your region, you’ll face winters differently. If you’re on the high altitudes, winters for you will be chilly and cold. On the opposite hand, you’ll face cool, breezy winters if you live on seashores or lower altitude. In such a case, how do you choose what kind of bed cover is ideal for you? 

Let’s start with the basic meaning of each.

What is a Comforter?

Comforters are also called duvets. They may be quilted and fluffy. They are filled with different materials like synthetic cotton or down, feathers, wool, silk and so on. Depending on the quantity of the filling, the comforter will be that thick.

They are generally stitched to keep the filling at one place and equally distributed. Duvet covers are also used as bedspreads and are great for layering your bed. They’re great for hot sleepers as well as chilly winters.

What is Dohar?

A dohar is also known as quilts. They’re generally made from cotton and are traditionally a summer blanket used in India. Cotton dohars are made of 3 layers of the finest cotton. The top layer has a colourful cover of fabric sewn together in either a grid or a more complex design which may be patterned (pattern quilts) or of solid colours (solid quilts).

The inner layer can be filled with materials like wool, down or polyester. Traditionally, the dohars were block-printed by hand. But now, many times, you’ll find machine-made bedding quilts. 

Comforter v/s Dohar

While they may seem confusing, there are several similarities between them, such as their filling, grid design, and both may be made from cotton. 

But let’s look at the differences:


Comforters tend to be loftier than blanket quilts. Quilts are more flattened than comforters. Comforters with its heavy filling, can be fluffy and cloud-like. 


Even the style between the two differs. Generally, quilts and coverlets are ornate and decorated. The top layer has flamboyant patterns.

The traditional quilts were also used as wall hangings with their display of patchwork and colours. On the other hand, comforters tend to be of one colour and one material all over.

What to Choose for Winter?

If you’re looking at chilly winters, then go for comforters with its heavy, fluffy filling and insulation. Especially those with the baffle box design provide excellent warmth. Dohars can be a great option too for cool winters as they give a soft and smooth surface. If you’re looking at making your bed a little colourful and put on some layers, then quilts are a go-to. 

Whether you’re looking at comforter sets or blanket quilts, check out Portico India for the high-quality bedding. You’ll also find a range of bed sheets and other sleep accessories whether for a single bed or double bed. 

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