5 Best Tarot Card Readers Online

Tarot card readings are becoming popular amongst people these days; they love lessons. Especially if it’s online, it gets more flexible, but it also needs to be done by a trusted reader.

Tarot card reading online is practised to get all the information related to someone’s past, present and future depending on what type of reading they want with minor arcana and major arcana cards. 

Five of the top-rated tarot card readers online are:

Nazneen Mistry

Nazneen is a white cat tarot reader. She has a 4.4 rating and an experience of 12 years in this field. Her tarot readings give a lot of information about your past, present and future. 

All her psychic readings are very informative and help you get the solutions faster. The best part about her lessons online are, she gives a customized remedy at the end of your reading. 

She’s verified on Thriive and has excellent feedback from all the people who got their readings done by her.

Radha Kushwaha

Radha is a royal success tarot card reader. She does not only tarot reading but also acupressure and Feng Shui. She has 15-year experience in all of these and is a trusted online psychic source.

.She talks about being logical and not superstitious. She is liked by the people who took her online reading; they say she is very soft-spoken and gives accurate information. She is very good with love life problems too. 

Sneh Jaiswal

Sneh specializes in tarot card reading, reiki and Vastu shastra. She has experience of over 15 years in this industry with a 4.9 rating.  

She’s successfully solving issues related to love, relationship and career through her tarot reading and reiki. 

Serving people is her main motive. Her clients have fantastic feedback for her and are always satisfied with their readings. She not only has clients in India but also serves abroad. 

Chetna Paliwal

Chetna is a life coach and a tarot card reader. Despite her four years of experience, she has a rating of 4.9 and is loved by her clients. She can handle heavy topics like rejection from work, mental health or issues like heartbreak.

As a life coach, she helps people excel in their career, health and personal growth. She offers readings online and on-call too. Her clients find her to be a fantastic listener. 

Bhumika Chandiramani

Bhumika specializes in tarot reading, past life regression and numerology. She has 20 years of experience and is based out of Mumbai. Her only purpose is to help people know how special each of them is. 

Through her readings, she makes sure to remove her client fears and teach them to live to their fullest. 

Her clients find her very positive and a fantastic soul. Her readings are also very on point. 

If you love tarot, you should check them all out on Thriive All these readers are always available for an online chat or phone call to give the best online tarot readings that will help bring a lot of clarity and solutions to all your issues. 

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